Sunday, July 7, 2013

Elijah 365 part 42

We have had a long but fun week.  With the holiday coming up, we decided to head up to Connecticut for the first time in over a year.  We loaded the car up with toys, snacks, and the dog and hit I-95 headed to our home state.  Eli got to meet the last few immediate family members he had not yet met- my brother and Dima's brothers.  
We had a great few days up in Connecticut followed by a a trip to Connecticut to see more family and have Eli baptized.  We were so jealous of Eli because it was outdoors and hot out and he got to get wet.  He did great and was all smiles.  Eli now has two great godparents.  
Day 297- July 1.  Kisses from Daddy before bed

Day 298- July 2.  Lunch time with Mommy before hitting the road!

Day 299- July 3.  Lots of time in that car seat this week

Day 300- July 4- Swimming at the pool in the hotel we stayed at.  

Day 301- July 5.  At the children's museum in Norwalk.  He loved watching this ball float above the elephant

Day 302- July 6.  Eli and his new godparents.  

Day 303- July 7.  Saying See ya later to his auntie!