Thursday, July 18, 2013

DC trip attempt

Today we headed up to DC for the day to go see some sights and museums.  Or so we thought.  
As you may recall, a few months ago on our trip to DC, Z Step threw up in the car in front of the federal buildings and many cops.  It was a mess.  We realized that giving him milk before any kind of car trip was a big no no.  He's always had issues with milk since he was weaned after his first birthday. Today I was in such a rush getting everything together to hit the road on this very very hot day (103) that I forgot this and gave him a cup of milk AND a yogurt.  As if on cue, as soon as we got into DC, Z Step began puking again.  We attempted to find a parking spot to pull over and clean up, but found nothing.  After 45 minutes of driving around, I finally pulled into a handicap spot to clean him up a bit more.  He was put into a t-shirt my dad happened to have, and we cleaned the seat the best we could.  He looked pathetic.  He was so sad, and not his usual silly self.  With all the parking issues we were facing, the heat, and this sick boy, we decided we were not meant to be in DC today.  So we headed home.  What a bummer.  It was worth a try, but it seems the odds were not in our favor today.  We did however get to view a few sites from the car!  
E Step having his "breakfast" before our trip.  

The Jefferson memorial

Dad and a sick boy in his t-shirt

E Step playing in the grass.  He was so good

Unfortunately the Washington Monument has been under construction since we got here.  

Uncle Ricky and E Step