Monday, July 22, 2013

Elijah 365- part 44

This week, we had more guests come visit.  Our visitors this time included my Dad, Brother, and Grandmother.  My Grandma had never met my boys before, so we were excited.  This was also Dad and Ric's first trip down since we got our new house.  Z and E Step have loved the love and attention.  Unfortunately, not all our plans panned out well.  However both boys were troopers despite the issues.  
Day 311- July 15

Day 312- July 16.  At the Marine Corps Museum

Day 313- July 17.  Made it to DC for about 45 minutes.  

Day 314- July 18.  Quick photo with everyone before Grandma and Dad left

Day 315- July 19.  E Step wearing his new onesie.  

Day 316- July 20.  Made it into DC for the day with Uncle Ricky.  E Step was such a good boy.
Day 317- July 21.  Monkey boy eating his chicken and veggies at dinner