Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hiking trip

Today was another scorcher.  We tried to come up with something to do, but everything is outdoors and so hot.  Eventually we decided to attempt the heat on a hike at Government Island down the street from us.  It's hot outside, but most of it is shaded by the trees so it was worth a shot.  There is also a creek along the way (which turned out to be too deep)
It was a nice hike, but of course very hot.  We survived, but if we had gone any later in the day it would've been much more difficult to manage with the boys.  They were troopers, even with the sweat!  
This was the last day of Dad and Grandma's visit, so we grilled some chicken and veggies and had a nice quiet night in before heading to bed early for the train in the AM.  
Dad and E Step ready for the trail

This was the sunniest patch we hit.  It was hot!

I'm dying to do this tire swing

Little Hug bandit with his ampaman

"Candid" shot.  Kidding...

This was a long bridge

E Step in his new Fedora hat for sunny days

Neko had to test it out too.  He was passed out from drinking.  

E Step being a happy boy
D Step eating ice cream.  He has a serious addiction

The whole family