Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Successful D.C. Trip!

After the last failed DC trip, we decided to give it another go.  We don't know how long we will be in this area, and my brother hadn't been in years.  So we hit the road without any kind of milk or dairy products in Z Step's belly.  
It turned out to be a very successful trip.  We got to walk around the sites and go to the Air and Space Museum.  It's always been one of Daddy Step's favorites.  Z Step enjoyed seeing the planes and "Wockets."  After awhile Z Step turned into the snickers guy and we had to dart outside to have a picnic on the National Mall.  Clearly E Step had fun too!

Daddy Step and EZ

Some of the sites from Air and Space

Both boys loved this
E Step eating handfuls of hummus
After our tummies were full, we hit the streets to see more sites.  It was very hot out but we walked around and saw the World War II Memorial which had a beautiful fountain that everyone was cooling off in.  We briefly walked by Vietnam, and passed the Lincoln Memorial before hitting the road to go home.  

For Uncle Ricky's last day we had a nice dinner and story time.  Thanks for coming Uncle Ricky!  Z Step loves you!