Sunday, July 14, 2013

Elijah 365- part 43

This week we had no visitors, and quite an ordinary week for us.  We spent a lot of the week at home and at the gym.  E step continues to be a Mommy's boy and doesn't seem to be comforted by anyone but me.  It's exhausting, but I know I should take advantage of him holding me while he still wants to.  It's hard to believe that my boy is already 10 months old this week.  His first birthday will be here before I know it.
Day 304- July 8.  Playing airplane with Daddy

Day 305- July 9.  Always happy in the tubby

Day 306- July 10.  Watching all his food fall to the floor before a tubby

Day 207- July 11.  Watching his big brother say "A-boo!"

Day 208- July 12.  Another tubby shot.  Always smiling

Day 309- July 13.  Passed out in the car seat

Day 310- July 14.  Yet another tubby shot.  Apparently it wasn't a busy week.