Sunday, July 7, 2013

A trip to camp

One of my fondest memories as a kid was going to camp.  Camp is something that non camper friends don't seem to quite understand.  You form strong bonds, and being out in the middle of nowhere "un-plugged" is an experience everyone needs.  Luckily, D Step has the same memories as I do, though at a different camp.  We were excited to get out there and let the boys see the beauty that the Catskills has to offer.  We had a wonderful time enjoying the outdoors.  Even Neko had a great time running around in the creek that runs along the camp. We got to cross a few items off our list for the summer 60 including making smores.  Yum!  We are now planning a family camping trip in the fall.  

D Step by the fire


E Step playing with Auntie

Z Step loved pigging out with a large table of friends and family

E Step did too.  He loves rice!