Saturday, May 25, 2013

DC Zoo

One of the best things about living in Northern Virginia is the fact that we are so close to DC.  We love touring the free museums along the National Mall.  One of the many museums along the way, is the national zoo.  It is one of the few museums in the world that hosts pandas.  We were even lucky enough to have had perfect weather the day of our visit!  And having Auntie Liza with us helped out as well.  
Well to say our trip didn't go as planned would be an understatement.  We woke up in the morning and quickly got dressed and headed up north on 95.  Zach was doing great.  Quiet, and eating along the way.  Well as we got into DC, he got abnormally quiet.  Just as we were passing the federal buildings and numerous national police, he decided to upchuck every bit of his snack as he ate.  There is nothing worse then watching your child getting sick.  The fact that we were next to national federal buildings didn't help.  We pulled over and Dima ran across the street to a McDonalds to grab some napkins.  I grabbed Zach and tried to clean him up a bit.  It was no use.  He was soaked.  I had to take all his clothes off (as police and passerby stared at me.) and hugged him tight to me.  He stunk, but he was freezing. (A sensation he hadn't ever felt before I might add!) 
After everything was cleaned up as much as we could, we had to stop somewhere to get new clothes.  His clothes were beyond disgusting and we had to throw out his only shirt we purchased in Oki.  As usual, the DC traffic was terrible.  We couldn't find a parking spot, so Dima had to circle around the area until we could buy everything.  Luckily they were having a huge sale and we got a shirt for 2 bucks, and hats for those cold bald heads for .25 cents!  
After that mayhem we finally made it to the zoo, much later then planned.  We again couldn't find a parking spot.  Eventually We all got out of the car and Dima spent 45 minutes finding a spot. (far from the park!) In any case, we had fun seeing the animals.  We could tell Zach wasn't quite himself still, but turns out he was just starving from throwing up!  He may still be a bit young to be interested in the zoo though, because we seemed to be more enthused then he was!  

The weather was cold (45 degrees is very cold to us oki people!) so the pandas were inside today.  This was taken from very far away in very bad lighting.  

He didn't get to feed these ones!

Playing around

The boys making a starbucks run.  We tried to buy our traditional starbucks city mug for our collection to remember this trip, but they didn't have the right one.  
After our zoo trip, we headed down to georgetown.  When we lived here 4 years ago, we spent many nights in georgetown walking along the streets and bar hopping.  Georgetown is always hopping, and is a really fun place.  Now of course, our bar hopping days are gone.  But we were excited to finally try one of the cupcakes featured on the TLC show "Georgetown Cupcake."  They always seem to have very long lines, so someone warned us ahead of time to order in advance.  We went online the night before and ordered a bunch of cupcakes.  All we had to do was stop in and pick them up!  Easy peasy! And wow, what a long line it was.  
And yes, the cupcakes were amazing.  

salted caramel, patriotic memorial day, cookies and cream, chocolate ganache, earl grey, plain vanilla with chocolate, hummingbird, another mint cookies and cream, a plain vanilla, and coconut!  
What a memorable memorial day weekend we had!