Friday, May 3, 2013

A shave and a haircut...

After 2+ years of cracking jokes about my son's lack of hair, we finally decided it was time to cut what little hair was there.  It wasn't getting too long, but there were a few pieces that were starting to stick out of his ears and on the top that looked a bit- goofy.  We decided what better time to cut it, then in Japan- where we could have him get a Japanese cut.  We were so excited about this, because he got to sit in a Jeep chair and got a lollypop aftewards.  Unfortunately, Zach wasn't quite so happy!  
Proof that he needed the cut!  He was looking like an old man!

Oh cool a jeep!

Mom- this cape is getting in the way of my new Jeep

No!  We all laughed the entire time


All done.  Now time to play with the Jeep again!