Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elijah 365 part 36

Another crazy week!  This week started with lots of errands and stuff again.  On Tuesday, Eli's Auntie came from NYC to visit him.  We had a fun week with her, and Daddy even returned to work.  Things are beginning to feel more settled.  
Eli's got lots of teeth coming in at once.  He's got 4 currently about to break through the skin, so he's in a lot of pain.  He has been fighting naps and bed because he's miserable.  It doesn't help too much that he's been restricted on movement.  He is also getting very confident in his standing!  He can almost do it all by himself by now.  My how fast it's all happened since he began sitting up.  Next time I blink he'll be off at college at this rate!
Day 254- May 20.  Playing with his doggy in his playroom

Day 255- May 21.  His Auntie Liza and pretty much Cousin, Lydia came to visit!

Day 256- May 22.  Family time in the front yard with Auntie

Day 257- May 23.  Tubby time fun.  We made a big bubble bath

Day 258- May 24.  Spending time with Daddy before bed

Day 259- May 25.  Went to the zoo today in DC.  The boys were being silly when we stopped for some starbucks

Day 260- May 26.  Chowing down on some snacks