Monday, May 20, 2013

Exploring Nature

Okinawa had it's own Natural surroundings.  Our back yard consisted of all sorts of things from Habus to dragonflies, frogs to dragonflies, and even mongoose to geckos.  Zach was very used to these things so it was a real shocker to move here.  He had never even seen a squirrel until a week ago!  Now we have squirrels on our deck constantly!  The dog doesn't know what to do.
I am very excited to share this wonderful world with Zach.  He is very interested in his surroundings, and what better way to show him then to encourage nature to come to us?  So this week we set out to make a bird feeder.  The plan was to make our own, but we found this great kit and put together our own.  Zach was so interested and once it was set up, he kept pointing to it and asking where the birds were.  For some reason he thought they would come right away.  Sorry Zach!
Gathering our supplies

All set!  Gotta hang it now so the squirrels don't eat it all though!
Every evening, after dinner, we set aside family time to play.  That usually has consisted of playing in the driveway lately, with Zach's new play car.  While playing this week, we found a salamander!  I haven't seen one in years and was excited to show Zach.  We named him Sal, and Zach liked waving to him and occasionally getting out of his car and talking to him.  We sure do love science!  Can't wait to see more in the next 3 years!  We are even debating getting a fish tank set up soon.
Our friend Sal.  He was being attacked by bugs.  Poor guy!