Sunday, May 12, 2013

Elijah 365- Part 34

We are Americans again!  After a very long series of flights, we made it.  We stayed our first night with Dima's cousin, who lives near the airport.  We then got our new phones and headed to our new house!  It is huge compared to our old Oki home, 3800 square feet.  It even has a man cave for Dima to watch football in.  It needs a bit of work (the front hasn't been weeded in ages!) but nothing too horrible.  The location is good, close to shopping and base, but far enough away that it's not too "Military."  Eli and Zach's rooms are both so big, and so empty without anything in them!  Eli has had a rough week getting used to the time change, but he's getting there.  It hasn't helped that he has new teeth coming in! We look forward to bringing the boys out for walks around the neighborhood when we get our stroller in a few weeks!
Day 240- May 6.  Not much to do in this empty place but drink

Day 241- May 7.  Eating Hummus for the first time!  Yum!

Day 242- May 8.  Playing at the kid's area at the car dealership.

Day 243- May 9.  In the car being a big boy!

Day 244- May 10.  Playing outside with the family

Day 245- May 11.  Outside the new house

Day 246- May 12.  Smiles for Mommy on mother's day!