Sunday, May 5, 2013

Elijah 365- part 33

Our last week in Okinawa.  I cannot describe how we feel.  All our friends who have moved described it as "bittersweet" and now that I'm in their shoes, I cannot think of a better way to describe it myself.  We are so sad to say goodbye to this beautiful island and our amazing friends.  We have made some of the best memories here and welcomed both of our beautiful children here.  But we are very excited to be back in America.  A chapter closed, a chapter opened.
We have been very busy getting things wrapped up on our way out of here, but have tried to get some fun in too.  Eli has been a trooper about this all!  Even without his things!
Day 233- April 29.  Out to lunch with our neighbors/family- the McDaniels.  We are going to really miss them!   Luckily they will only be 2 hours away!

Day 234- April 30.  playing in grass always!

Day 235- May 1.  Outside the house with Mommy.  We are down to few clothes now (can you notice he's wearing the same shirt as yesterday? )  We do a lot of laundry.

Day 236- May 2.  After tubby time!

Day 237- May 3.  Daddy got an award at work today for all of his hard work in the past 3.5 years.  Congrats Daddy!  You have done an amazing job and we are so proud!  

Day 238- May 4.  Ready to fly out!  They were troopers.
Day 239- May 5.  We made it to America!  Eli is in his new play room playing with the few toys we actually have!