Sunday, May 19, 2013

Elijah 365- part 35

Things have been beyond crazy around here.  We have been constantly running around here and there picking things up.  Now that Eli is mobile, it's been more and more difficult on my poor boy.  All he wants to do is crawl and stand.  Now that he's standing, he gets frustrated though, because he wants to walk, but is nowhere close to ready.  He's been very busy with his new teeth. (his top look like they're coming down any day now)  And he is exploring lots of yummy organic foods!  He also is having so much fun in the tubby with his big brother now.  I love playing with these two.  Little boys are so adorable.  
Day 247- May 13- Riding his doggy

Day 248- May 14.  Playing with the camera on mommy's computer!  Chunky boy!

Day 249- May 15.  Watching big brother play in the driveway

Day 250- May 16.  Teething on mommy's necklace.  (don't worry it's meant for teething!  BPA free and soft on those gums)

Day 251- May 17.  Hi Momma!

Day 252- May 18.  Having a family Dinner

Day 253- May 19.  Playing in the tubby!