Monday, May 13, 2013

America the beautiful!

After over 3 years in Japan, there are many things we missed from America.  Produce was without a doubt the number one thing- as prices in Japan were insane.  They were also always bad by the time they got to us.  We are so happy to be able to get real, organic, fresh food at a good price again.  We even started a garden in the back to get the freshest we could find!  We are looking forward to attending a weekly farmer's market soon too!  
Here are some photos of some of everything- America!
Giant grocery stores.  They are the same company as Stop and Shop (the store my brother works at)  They have great stuff, and are one of the best stores in the area in my opinion (after Wegman's of course!)

Oh how I missed you!!  Apples were 3 dollars a pound in Oki and they didn't taste very good.  We are so happy to have apples again!  Can't wait for the fall!

Strawberries!  Yum!  We missed Strawberries too.  They were always moldy in Oki!  And about 7 dollars for something half this size!

4 dollars for this huge bag?!  Talk about culture shock!
Mangoes were no joke about 60 dollars for THREE in Japan.  I kid you not.  

Mommy's new ride!
My favorite cooking oil.  This is a huge thing of it.  I use this stuff for everything.  I even use it as moisturizer and deodorant and in my hair!  

My beautiful tomato plant.  I've already gotten 2 tomatoes from it!

You know you're in Virginia when you see these on the shelves!  These are limited edition ones so they're different from the regular ones.  I didn't buy them because the best Krimpets are the original ones!

Creating our garden.  Cardboard on the bottom, then leaves and grass to help the soil, and then tons of dirt on top.  Can't wait to get some yummy veggies from it!