Sunday, April 28, 2013

Elijah 365- part 32

Things have been crazy around here.  Between two kids and movers we are wiped.  Thank goodness this end is almost over.  We haven't even had time to enjoy okinawa!
Eli is desperately trying to crawl, but keeps getting stuck.  He gets on his toes and looks like he's doing down dog most of the time.  Not much else new with him, except that mommy and daddy are acting weird and packing things up.
Day 226- April 22.  Hugs from big brother!
Day 227- April 23.  Moving Day.  Eli didn't get packed up!

Day 228- April 24.  Ugly Government issued couch!  But happy boys!

Day 229- April 25.  Testing out the neighbor's car!

Day 230- April 26.  Playing with brother

Day 231-  April 27.  Playing with this transformer!

Day 232- April 28.  So much to play with, so little time!