Monday, June 16, 2014


Kentucky was a must see place on our map, as it is where most of my family are.  After 5 1/2 years of marriage, Daddy Step had yet to meet most of my family out there, so it was an extra special trip for us.  
Louisville, Kentucky is a wonderful place that I always enjoy visiting, and my Grandma was nice enough to let us stay.  The boys had a blast reliving some of my favorite things about Kentucky- the wonderful people and my Grandma's toys!
I always remember playing Jenga at Grandma's place as a kid.  Z Step had so much fun doing just that.  

We walked on a bridge that took us from Kentucky to Indiana.  It had some great views of Louisville along the way

E Step playing at the playground
Over the weekend, we got the chance to go to a great splash pad with the kids.  It gave us the chance to see most of the cousins and cousin's kids.   The boys did not stop running around.  

They had a great playground there too!
That evening, my cousin was kind enough to invite us over for some fireworks with her kids.  She has a boy older than Z Step and a boy younger.  The boys hit it off great, and it was nice getting Z Step to play with other kids for a change.  

Our final day in Kentucky was spent at a playground, and introducing Daddy Step to Kentucky's famous dish- a Hot brown!

A hot brown is an open faced sandwich with turkey, bacon,  and a wonderful creamy sauce, browned in the oven.  He approved.  
Kentucky was a great stop to run around, see family, and take a break from driving for a little.  Our next stop is Rolla, MO for a quick overnight.