Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Grand Canyon

They say that the Grand Canyon is something every American should do before they die.  Unfortunately, most East Coasters never get the chance to do that.  We are so lucky to have gotten the chance to see it.  And we have plans of returning again in the next 2 years.  

Did I also mention that today is my birthday?  Yeah, talk about an amazing present.  I have always dreamed of coming here as a kid.  It was just such a great coincidence that it happened to fall on my birthday.  

The dog was not allowed to stay in our hotel in Flagstaff alone, so we dropped him off at a puppy play place, where he got to play outside with other dogs all day. It was a great place for him, as he needed to run around a bit after so much driving.  We had to be back to pick him up at 6:30, so we wanted to leave early.  We arrived pretty early, and started in the welcome center.  

Unfortunately we didn't get to see nearly as much of the Grand Canyon as we would like.  We will return again someday to venture in more.

Our first mini trip was to a path with some beautiful views of the Grand Canyon.  We got our first looks of the Grand Canyon and it was just like the pictures.  Amazing.  There really are no words to describe it.  I will let the photos explain it for me.  
We hope to hike that trail someday to the bottom.  

That little squirrel came right up to us.  

Daddy and E Step, riding in fashion

Z Step playing around with me.  

Z Step took this one of me

Z Step took this one too.  He is actually a good photographer!  
After walking around, we headed back for some lunch.  Our meals were actually wonderful, and we were able to pick up a few things.  An ornament, a t-shirt for me, binoculars for Z Step, and a workout shirt for Daddy Step that says, "Erosion Happens."  We then did a small hike down the canyon, but it was hot and there was little shade.  The boys were exhausted at this point, so we only went down about a quarter of a mile before turning around and walking back up.  I would love to return without the kids someday and hike down and camp out.  
Z Step and I playing peek a boo behind a tree

Hiking down
My boys!

Z Step loved his binoculars

My amazing family!

Hiking back up
We left at this point, so we could get back to the dog and relax before the final part of our trip.  We stopped at a little southwestern shop on the way out, but didn't buy anything.  Lots of random things though. 
I loved these teepees!  

Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon were a must see.  I really hope everyone can visit at some point in their lives.  There was not a single thing I disliked.  What an amazing birthday!