Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cross Country Road Trip- Part 3

Today marks the official beginning of our trip out west.  From here on we will be heading west until we hit California's desert.
Today's trip is only 6 hours, not too bad.  We stopped along the way at Daddy Step's uncle's house, which the boys absolutely loved.  (Even if E Step got a bloody nose)
State number 4!

Z Step got to drive the golf cart out to the horses

Chunky bunny.  So cute

E Step is such a bum!

Z Step on the horsey
 After our lunch, we let the dogs run around and play.  They have a pond out back with ducks.  Can you guess which dog decided to jump in to chase them?  Yep, that would be our Neko.  Driving back with him after that was not fun.  He was a stinky dog!  

We eventually hit the road again and continued on to Hershey, PA.  After grabbing dinner and settling in, the boys took a bath together.  E Step just learned how to hug his big brother.  Z Step loved it.  It was the sweetest thing!  

And so, we are ready to hit Hershey park tomorrow!  Unfortunately the weather looks pretty grim.  We will make the best of it!