Friday, June 13, 2014

Cross Country Road Trip- Part 4

Today marks the longest portion of our journey.  Originally we were going to stop in Columbus overnight, but it ended up that there were no hotels that allowed late dogs.  It was also just a short distance from our next stop in Kentucky, so we decided to just suck it up and drive straight there.  
We drove through lots of trees and countryside.  Pennsylvania is a beautiful state.  Lots of land, lots of farms.  Lots of hills too.  We were able to pick up 2 mugs along the way.  Some states do not have a state mug.  Some just have cities.  Some have nothing at all (Connecticut is one of those), and some have just the state mug.  Pennsylvania happens to be one with 2 city mugs.  

We got a surprise state here.  We went through West Virginia for about 15 minutes.  We weren't sure if we were going to pass through it or not, but were excited to add another state to the list.  
State number 9
We eventually made it into Ohio.  I always hear that this state is flat.  I wasn't seeing much of that at the beginning.  But it was still very beautiful.  Lots of horses, cattle, and crops.  I had been through the state before, but had never gotten to take in its sights like this.  We were able to stop at a rest stop for a coffee mug for the state.  I like this one a lot.  
State 10
We stopped a few miles in for a quick break to run around.  The dog got to run a bit and go potty, and the boys ran around in an open field.  

After some driving, our check engine light came on.  We stopped at a nearby gas station to check it.  We had the car services before leaving Virginia, so we weren't aware of any issues, but we were in the middle of nowhere and god forbid something happened we would be stuck.  A nice man checked the car and told us he could do it, or we could bring it to the dealership for free in Kentucky.  It would make it that far.  Obviously we chose to wait.  
Our next stop was at our friend's mother in law's place.  She had a beautiful home with a lot of land and a pond in the front.  She also had a few chickens and goats.  It was a great break for us all, we had been driving a long time at that point.  The boys got to swim, play, see the animals, fish, and stretch their feet.  

We continued on into Kentucky with no stops after this.  
State 11
After a very full day of driving (5am-7:45pm) we are excited to relax for a few days at my Grandma's house.