Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cross Country Trip- Part 2

It seems we have kept our map sideways, as we have ended up in in state number 8.  

8.  Massachussetts 
I kid, I kid.  We ended up in MA to visit my Mom.  I always loved visiting this area, there is a lot to do, though usually not a ton for young children.  But I was proven wrong.  My mom found a nearby park, Look Park which was great for kids.  And thanks to my Marine husband, we got in for free.  
We started at the playground, where we all got to play.  And yes, that means all of us.  
Next was a picnic lunch followed by a trip to the sprinkler park.  Both boys had a blast at the sprinkler park!  

 Our next stop was a mini zoo they had.  Nothing special, but a little area to relax and feed the animals.  Z Step had a ton of fun feeding the deer! 
Our next day in MA was spent at a children's museum.  It wasn't nearly as cool as the one in Connecticut, but it was still pretty entertaining.  The boys had fun all the same.  

Daddy Step wrote this for us.  
After the children's museum, D Step and I made a little day trip to a local winery near my mom's house.  It was a beautiful home, with an acre of land in the front that he turned into a vineyard.  It was small, but quaint.  He was so nice and showed us around and shared a lot of info on growing the grapes.  It was just the two of us.  We got to sample 10 wines, all of which were great.  I like a semi dry wine, with just the tiniest hint of sweetness.  This winery was just that.  We walked out with 4 bottles.  

The winery was also home a beekeeping, something we have always wanted to learn about, but never got to see one up close.  Bees are so important to our world, and most people don't realize just how so.  Not to mention beeswax is amazing for you.  There are so many uses for it.  His wife made balms, lotion, and candles out of it.  She even sold local honey, which is great for people who live nearby.  I bought my mom some to use to prevent allergies.  

And so, onward we go again, back to Connecticut!