Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cross Country Road Trip- Part 7

Our drive from New Mexico to Arizona was beautiful.  I am officially in love with this area of the country.  Outside of Albuquerque was pretty boring, but once we got into Arizona everything was beautiful.  The weather continued to stay dry, but not as hot as I imagined.  We stopped immediately in Arizona at welcome center to stretch our legs and have a picnic lunch.  We usually eat in the car, but today we had time so we took advantage of the beauty the state offered.  
State number 18!

How beautiful are those rock formations?

He was pretending to be a Robot

Saying "Yay Arizona!"

Yep, not in Connecticut!
The remainder of our trip was stunning.  We could't stop pointing to this and that.  There was so much to see.  The boys loved seeing the trains for miles, there weren't any trees obstructing their views.  
We eventually came into Flagstaff, which was a whole different kind of beautiful.  I looked like a forest.  Lots of pine trees everywhere.  Everyone was outside running, bike riding, and just walking to the stores.  What a great place.  I think it is high up on my favorite places I have ever been.  There was so much to do, and the weather was simply perfect.  I hope to return while we are in California.  
We headed to bed early that evening, due to another time change and the fact that we will be up in the morning for the Grand Canyon!