Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cross Country Road Trip- Part 6

On the road again!  We have departed Oklahoma after a wonderful stay and are headed to New Mexico with an extra person!  Our friend A joined us for the next part of our trip to New Mexico, as she is driving her husband's car to Vegas.  

We loaded the cars, Daddy Step, Z Step, and the dog in my car, and A, E Step, and I in the other car.  It was nice having a friend to ride along with.  

Oklahoma was pretty boring.  I was not personally a huge fan of this state.  Perhaps there is more to see, but I wasn't a huge fan in general.  I was eager to get out.  

Our next state was Texas.  I was excited to see it, but it proved to be just as boring as Oklahoma.  Even more so in some ways.  We only passed through the top part, so that probably explains it.  I hope to someday venture into Austin and Dallas though.  
State 16


More Texas.  Look how far you can see of that road!
We eventually made it into New Mexico and we were officially in the desert in my opinion.  Lots of nothing, sand, and little green.  But the dry heat was wonderful.  It didn't feel nearly as hot as it was.  
State 17
We made a few stops along the way, including one at a rest stop in New Mexico.  They advertise with billboards like crazy around here, and we were needing a bathroom break.  We stopped in a rest stop that had signs for miles.  It had some of the most tacky knick knacks I have ever seen.  There was a lot of elvis, cowboy boot lamps, and weird ceramic figurines.  I was pretty tempted at some of it, but somehow I held myself back from a big purchase.  

We made it to our hotel in Old Town, and were ready to explore New Mexico!