Friday, August 3, 2012

Stepanoff Summer Sixty Progress

Can you believe it's already August?  Where does the time go?  Now that we have entered August, I have taken out my Summer Sixty list to see how we're coming along on crossing it all off.  I am quite happy with how it's come along, but I know we have a lot still to do in a short amount of time.  I know I won't be wanting to do much of this in the next few weeks, as my c-section has been scheduled for just over 5 weeks from now.  So it's officially a race to finish it all! Here is a list of what has been done so far:

o  Bowling
o  Beach
o  Fishing
o  Finger Paint
o  Make popsicles
o  Cookout
o  Backyard movie night
o  Sidewalk Chalk
o  Ladder Golf
o  Indoor play park
o  Picnic
o  Fireworks
o  Obstacle course
o  Game night
o  Fly a kite
o  Library
o  Write a book
o  Farmer’s Market
o  Movie night
o  Make a fort
o  Sprinkler
o  Breakfast for Dinner
o  Bake cookies for friends
o  Bon fire
o  Handprint art
o  Pillow fight
o  Make pizza
o  Aquarium
o  Smores
o  Dance party
o  Slip n slide
o  Try a new food
o  Breakfast picnic
o  Bathtub paint
o  Giant bubbles
o  Dog beach
o  Puzzle
o  Make milkshakes
o  Waffles
o  Family pictures
o  100 Yen store
o  Popcorn balls
o  Trace bodies
o  Face Paint
o  Yoga
o  Tie Dye shirts
o  Story Time
o  Pedicure
o  Take the dog for a walk
o  Downstairs sleepover
o  Water gun fight
o  Make Ice Cream
o  Geocaching
o  Neighborhood drinking game
o  Read a girly novel
o  Send a letter to family
o  Water Balloon Fight
o  PJ day
o  Christmas in July
o  Pina Coladas

I'm thrilled we've finished so much.  There are quite a few things left here to do, but many can be finished in one day.  For example, this weekend we plan on going to the aquarium and having a picnic there.  We also are having a game night with smores tomorrow night.  I'm also working on finishing my girly novel.  In any case though, we have much to do in the next few weeks before baby is born both in terms of preparing for the baby and as far as getting these items finished!  I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with how much I have left to do!  Not to mention I'd like to spend extra time with Zach before baby is born!  
As I went through this list, I discovered that there were a few photos I have forgotten to share that are items crossed off this list!  How can I forget?  And so, here are a few of the missing checkoffs!

Every night, Zach gets to read with mommy or daddy before bed.  Here he is reading with Daddy.  There's not much room left on mommy's lap these days, so it's much easier to sit with daddy.  Though mommy really loves reading to Zach.  

He's not plugging his nose here.  He was actually doing the sign for "bug" which involves putting your thumb on your nose and moving your pointer and middle fingers.  
Walk the dog:
Unfortunately our dumb dog does not make walks easy.  I'd love more then anything to grab him and go for a walk outside with Zach.  He gets so excited being outside though, and likes to walk all around the stroller, making it very tough.  On weekends though, we like to head out in the afternoons and walk the dog or bring him to the park with us.  Here he is after going for a long walk with us to subway on the other base.  He loves being with his family!
I cannot say that I've ever craved any foods with my pregnancies.  I don't know how much truth I put into the "craving" part of pregnancies.  I have never made Dima get up in the middle of the night and go get me wavy potato chips or pickles and ice cream.  I'm a pretty healthy eater, so that would be crazy!  I did say that we would have milkshakes at some point this summer though, and tonight Dima headed out to the store to get the supplies for a yummy milkshake!  For some reason I felt like that crazy lady, but I promise it wasn't a craving!
Brownie batter fudge milkshakes.  Can you say sugar shock?  It's ok in moderation right?
And so, our summer sixty has 3 more items crossed off.  I am excited to get to working on finishing up!