Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little Bit of Heaven- on our house!

In today's world, Drive-in movie theaters are a thing of the past.  No more can you drive up and watch a movie outdoors or in the comfort of your own car.  It's a very sad thing, but luckily I am one of the few of my age that have gotten to experience the fun that a drive in entails.  So when making making my Summer Sixty, I wanted to try to re-create that American summer feeling here in Japan.  I knew just the idea... a backyard movie!  A movie projected onto the side of our house for all of us to watch together!  Perfect!  It may not be a drive in, but hey, close enough!
Zach is still too young for TV or movies, so this was a big people activity.  We put him down and Dima set up our movie.  We are lucky that he works with computers and was able to get a projector.  Unfortunately, it was not the right one and we were not able to watch HD on it.  We had rented a movie in HD, and as a result, were not able to watch it.  Instead, we opted for watching a DVD our friends had called "A Little Bit of Heaven."  The movie was O.K., but we had our hearts set on the Bachelorette movie. 
After the movie ended, we had to show our friend, Jon (who doesn't yet have kids of his own) just how crazy some kids shows are.  We showed him one of the craziest ones we know- Yo Gabba Gabba.  I swear this show is the creepiest thing I've ever seen.  I really think you need to be on something to understand it.  Or under the age of 2 I guess.  There is singing and dancing by make believe monsters and some really weird things throughout.  I honestly think this was the best part of our backyard movie night.  We all were cracking up watching this kid show on the side of a house at 10pm!  It's the little things in life...
Tried to watch this movie, but it didn't work.
Yo Gabba Gabba!

They were cracking up the whole 5 minutes we watched this

Some crazy psychadillic stuff!

I guess we listen to cones?

I don't know what is coming out of this chick's ear
And so, even though we didn't get to drive up to a movie, parking our lawn furniture on the side of our house is close enough! 

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