Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

My wonderful husband had a birthday today.  I will not say how old he is (though he's still a youngin I promise!), I will say that it was his day and he got to choose what we wanted to do.  I left all food and activities up to him for the day and he chose a full day of fun. 
He started out the morning with a dive with a friend in the early morning while Mommy and Zach hung at home.  He had a great dive and had fun doing it.  Next on his list was wanting to go to church with his family.  And so we packed up the car and headed to a quick service.  Our next step was a lunch at home.  The original plan was to have a picnic, but it's August in Okinawa.  It was over 110 degrees out plus some humidity (not to mention I'm 9 months pregnant).  That was not such a great idea either.  So we hung inside instead.  Next on the list?  Work.  No this was not something he wanted to do on his birthday (on a sunday) but alas, the Marine Corps doesn't wait.  After he returned, we got to have cake with some friends.  As always, Dima requested a funfetti cake so I made a double layer.  For someone who HATES baking with a passion, it came out pretty decent.  
Dima really wanted to head to the ferris wheel that is part of our view from our home.  The last time we went, I had just found out I was pregnant with Zach, so it's been awhile.  Dima was excited to bring Zach for the ride.  Zach enjoyed it and so did the rest of us.  It was very hot, but we had fun anyway.
We ended our night by going out to sushi together.  We were lucky to go on a popular night, because that's when they usually have the good stuff out.  We both had a lot of broiled tuna and enjoyed some of the other unique sushi's that only Japan offers.  It will be sad to move back to America and miss out on the amazing sushi that we get here!  This was probably our last date night before baby is born.  We really needed it, as things have been absolutely crazy and stressful over the past month for both of us.  We had a great day together (what time we got to spend together that is) and I'm thrilled he had a good birthday.  Happy Birthday, Love.  We all love you so very much!
Dima's Man Basket

The view from the ferris wheel

That's our house way back on that hill!

Look at those eyes!

My favorite boys!

Here Mama, I'll take a picture

He was fascinated playing with everything