Thursday, August 9, 2012

Farmer's Market

Living all the way in Japan, we miss out on many of the yummy fruits and veggies you all get in America.  For example, apples are normally around $3.50 a pound.  I once paid 12 dollars for a bag of grapes.  Half the things in our commissary are going bad or are already bad when they reach the shelves.  I often times go into the store with a long list and come out with many things not crossed off.  It makes it very hard to meal plan and even harder to be healthy!
On the bright side of things, we have Japanese stores to go to.  Now there are many ups and downs to Japanese stores.  They only have what is in season, which is a good thing because that means it wasn't shipped here from who knows where.  They also sell food that is much smaller then we're used to in America.  Everything is smaller in Japan.  Peppers are these tiny little things compared to the American ones.  We must also pay the exchange rate, which is pretty low these days.  There are times that it's cheaper to just buy at the grocery, but then there are times when it's worth it to buy at the Japanese stores.  In any case, it's a place we like going every once in awhile at least.  
So this weekend we headed out to one of the more popular farmer's markets.  It's got one of the best varieties I've seen, but is usually pretty picked over by the afternoon, when we went.  I'll have to go to a better one in the near future.  Our friend, Alicia, joined us and we all packed our carts with Japanese foods!
outside the market they have lots of great food!
I've never seen the market this packed!
6,000 yen for 5 mangoes.  That's equal to about $65-$70!  No, I'm not stupid enough to buy them!

Fish heads for dinner anyone?
Our loot- 2 bags of  sweet potatoes (purple and orange, zach loves homemade chips!), cukes, chiles, basil, peppers, bean sprouts, and mommy wanted to get some flowers just because!

Zach at the checkout counter.  I love these little carts!
We finished the trip with a trip to the egg farm for more eggs!  We've already had many great meals from these items.  I made a yummy yellowfin tuna yakisoba (ok maybe not soba, as i replaced the noodle portion with bean sprouts!) this week already for dinner and Dima's been eating lots of cucumber salad!  

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Farmer's Market