Monday, August 13, 2012

Keeping busy throughout the cold!

We have spent the last week cooped up in the house due to a bad cold.  First Zach caught it during a typhoon, then Mommy caught it just as bad.  So we took the chance to relax around the house for the week.  We never even left the house for at least 6 days!  But luckily, it is gone now and we are back to normal!  
Just because we were trapped in the house for days on end doesn't mean we didn't take the chance to have some fun, however.  Oh no.  Being stuck in the house is a perfect excuse to curl up with my boy and take advantage of indoor activities!
We had many pajama days!  Here Zach is in the morning while he was sick with his breakfast

Typhoon days always become pajama days!  This time daddy got to join us!

Who doesn't love playing in a box? 

This is why we order so much from Amazon!

With Dada

Bathtub paint.  He was very confused.

He loved it though!

Mohawk boy!  If only he had hair!


When Mommy started to feel better, we had a bon fire with some friends

Did you know August 10th was national smores day?  We couldn't resist some yummy smores!

Zach got a new grill to play with.  Now he can be just like daddy!  If only he had a beer in his hand!

Neko was helping him make some chicken for dinner!
Being sick with a toddler while pregnant is no fun at all.  Though I wasn't able to take much to ease my cold, I managed through a tough week.  I am happy to report that we are all better now and ready to have some fun in our final weeks before baby!

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Pajama day
Bathtub Paint