Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And the gold medal goes to: the Russian/Japanese/American boy!

Today we decided to honor the Olympics in a way only the Stepanoff family could.  While many will celebrate with drinks, food, and being lazy on the couch, our family took things little more literally in our celebrations.  As always, we always look for the most fun and interesting way to do something.  

Our celebration began with mommy's portion of the Olympics.  Though you won't see mommy flipping around on a bar like the gymnasts in the Olympics, you will see her at the gym every morning.  Being 33 weeks pregnant, things have started to play catch up a bit.  I have spent every day of the past month doing some kind of cardio or strength training at the gym and have neglected one of my favorite aspects of working out- stretching!  Though I stretch after every workout, there is something special about spending an entire day to the practice.  And what better way to do that then Yoga?  
Though our gym offers a pre-natal yoga class, it does not fit under a time frame I can make it to at the gym.  Luckily, I have taken many yoga classes in the past, as it's one of my favorite parts of working out.  I hope to one day become yoga certified so I can learn even more about the practice.  I know enough now about pregnancy and exercise that I knew what moves I needed to change with the current belly I have acquired.  The regular yoga class gladly accepted an 8 1/2 month mommy.  The class went well, though I may have lost some "points" due to the fact that I am starting to lose my balance.  This is something that surprised me, as I've been always had great balance in yoga.  Of course, having a basketball in your front could throw anyone off!  All in all, it was exactly what I needed to stretch the sore legs that I've gotten from running in the recent weeks.  
Mommy- entering in the yoga portion of the Olympics

And the scoreboard:
An 8.5!  With points off on the balance of postures!

We returned home and took part in the second part of the 1st Stepanoff Olympics... the obstacle course.  Behold... the course:
First you must crawl under the blanket of sun, past the green balloon, careful to not pop it.  Then over the pillows to avoid the green slime.  But be careful!  The beast sits to the side, ready to chomp on bald babies!  
Let's see how our contestant does:
Ready.  Set. GO!

Crawling under the orange fiery sun!
learning tricks of the trade...

The treacherous monster didn't eat him, as he instead offered him a token in exchange for his passing!

Don't worry folks, This contestant made it out of the quicksand with record time!
And the scoreboard:
perfect 10's all around!  The gold metal goes to...

That's my little olympic medalist!
Thank you all for joining in for the first Stepanoff Summer Olympics!  We hope you continue to join in the 2016 olympics in... ??????  

Stepanoff Summer Sixty Checkoff:

Obstacle course