Thursday, August 16, 2012

Face Painting

Though I carry very little artistic talent, Arts and Crafts has always been a special interest to me.  Art is an extremely important aspect of child development.  It not only increases brain activity in toddlers, but it nurtures inventiveness.  What better way to foster a child's development then by raising self-esteem through while something?  And so, when making my Summer Sixty list, I knew I had to include some crafts now that Zach is older.  We've done a few of these crafts already, but still had a few to cross off.  And so, this afternoon when we got bored, it was straight to something creative... Face Painting!  
I didn't have any face paint, and decided instead of buying some I'd make it myself.  I mixed food coloring with some lotion to make it.  We used Sweet pea (daddy's favorite) so we smelled good while we painted!  Zach had a blast doing this.  Every time I put lotion on in the house he begs me for some, so he was thrilled to get to play with lots of it!  Let's just say we got a bit dirty in the process!  But it was so much fun in the process!  
Ready to paint!

Just getting started

Gotta rub it in the hair!

This is awesome!

Nope- doesn't taste as good as it smells!

OK- I'm dirty enough!
Stepanoff Summer Sixty Checkoff:

Face Painting