Sunday, February 24, 2013

Elijah 365- Part 23

As you can see by my delayed posts lately, we've been quite busy.  I hardly get more then 10 minutes a day to sit down, let alone post photos of Eli.  Don't worry, I've continued to take the photos for you all.  But my posts are probably going to be a bit more delayed as the months go by.  Sorry... but heck that's life with two little ones. 
Eli is continuing to steal my heart.  He is constantly smiling and laughing.  He's very interested in grabbing lately.  In fact, he grabs me so much that I constantly have bruises from skin he's pulled.  It's quite painful.  Just the other day a friend pointed out a big mark on my cheek.  Thank you Eli for pulling mommy's cheek!  He just gets so excited to see me that he just wants to bring me closer.  And yes, he remains a Mommy's boy!  Of course, Daddy is never home to begin with, so it's me or the dog and I'm better trained.  (I think) 
He's also drooling quite a bit.  I wonder when his first tooth is going to come in.  Brother's first tooth came in at 8 months.  I wonder if his will come around the same time.  As they say, every baby is different so who knows!
Day 163- Feb 18.  Hanging out with one of his girlfriends, Pearl.

Day 164- Feb 19.  He is obsessed with his exersaucer!

Day 165- Feb 20- Innocent face.  Mommy will you hold me?
Day 166- Feb 21.  Tubby time fun!
Day 167- Feb 22.  Smiley boy!

Day 168- Feb 23.  Running with Mommy
Day 169- Feb 24.  Went on a run with Mommy and Daddy to the beach!