Sunday, March 3, 2013

Elijah 365- part 24

As I've said before, we've kept busy lately.  We got very lucky this week and had great weather.  The boys and I took full advantage of that by getting out of the house a lot.  We went on long walks and a few runs to the beach and park.  Both boys had a great time, and Eli loves hanging out in the running stroller!  It's almost swimsuit season, so the boys and I are busy getting ready for it!  I hope they can get one more beach day in before we move! 
Not much new with Eli this week, however I do think he's very close to sitting up soon.  He is still grabbing a lot, and is very interested in his big brother.  He loves watching everything his big brother does.  His favorites are watching him walk down stairs, and watching him play peek a boo!  It's the little things!  I cannot wait to watch them grow up together! 
Day 170- Feb 25.  hanging out with mommy and brother in the morning!

Day 171- Feb 26.  Drool much?

Day 172- Feb 27.  Big hugs from big brother!

Day 173- Feb 28.  At the beach with brother!

Day 174- March 1.  Ran to the beach to play with Mommy and brother.  He fell asleep on the way back!

Day 175- March 2.  Tubby time!

Day 176- March 3.  Walked to the park with Mommy, Daddy, Brother, and the dog!