Sunday, February 10, 2013

Elijah 365- Part 21

Eli is growing up so fast these days.  This week has really shown me that.  I am happy to report that things are starting to get a bit easier.  Zach plays with his little brother now, and Eli even likes playing with toys now!  I cannot wait for them to play together in a few years!  Zach is already such a great big brother to Eli, and Eli loves him so much.  Just this week, Zach was playing peek a boo with him!  And Eli just laughed up a storm!  They've stolen my heart, and I know there's no chances of getting it back now! 
Day 149- Feb 4.  Super Bowl monday!  Eli couldn't pick one team, so he wore them all!

Day 150- Feb 5.  Ready for bed in his christmas PJ's.  Yes we continue the christmas tradition long after the holiday!

Day 151- Feb 6.  Hanging out with his giraffe, Sophie!

Day 152- Feb 7.  Daddy made it home from Korea! 

Day 153- Feb 8.  Ready for bed.  Night Daddy and Neko!
Day 154- Feb 9.  Hanging out with Daddy!
Day 155- Feb 10.  Went to see the sunflowers!