Sunday, February 17, 2013

Elijah 365- part 22

Things around the Stepanoff house have begun getting fun.  Eli has fallen into a fairly regular routine, and is really interested in the world around him now.  He is definitely a Mama's boy, as his face lights up whenever I walk into the room.  Big brother was a Daddy's boy, so I'm quite excited about this.  He absolutely loves watching his big brother, who really likes showing him his toys.  Eli even gets help from his brother, who is constantly cleaning up after he spits up.  He's so loved already.  
Here are our photos from this week!  It was a dreary week, but we did have some great weather in there and took full advantage!  
Day 156- Feb 11.  Hanging in his new Exersaucer

Day 157- Feb 12.  Getting some loving from Daddy before he left for work

Day 158- Feb 13.  Big brother was showing him the froggy toy!

Day 159- Feb 14.  My two valentines were ready for a walk to the park!

Day 160- Feb 15.  Zach was showing Eli all the belly buttons in Mommy's fitness magazine!

Day 161- Feb 16.  Sleepy boy fell asleep on the run on the way to the stairway to heaven (a huge flight of outdoor stairs Mommy & Daddy climbed)

Day 162- Feb 17.  Smiley happy boy outside on a beautiful afternoon!