Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stairway to "heaven"

One of the reasons we've been so busy lately is because the weather has been somewhat nice.  With that nice weather comes more outdoor workouts!  As you know I set forth a few goals for this year a few months ago.  One of those goals was to run the Disney princess half marathon.  I was running 8+ miles before becoming pregnant with Eli.  During my pregnancy, I continued to run, but toned it down a bit.  I was consistent with my workout routine during the entire pregnancy, even with the odd looks I got at the gym.  
Once Eli was born, I was asked to wait 6 weeks after the surgery to begin working out.  I waited that time, and then set forth to run again.  I hit the pavement and seemed to be doing OK.  I don't know if I eventually overexerted myself, or if my hormones went all whack while nursing, but one day I developed some severe pain on the outside of my right knee.  I couldn't even go a mile anymore without some intense pain.  I took it as a sign to slow down and focus on some strength training instead.  
I've been hitting the weights pretty hard both at home (we have the bowflex select-techs!) and at the gym.  But this weekend we decided to finally head to the famous "Stairway to Heaven" we had heard so much about.  I would like to start by saying that I will no longer refer to them as the stairway to heaven.  They are now the stairway to hell in my book!  
I brought some weights with me to encourage me to work other parts of my body out too.  We went up the stairs once, then down in intervals.  At the bottom, we lifted weights.  Shoulder presses, push-ups, squats, and deadlifts.  Then Dima put Zach on his shoulders and went up again, while I held dumbells and lunged it the entire way up.  I was great going up.  No problems there.  On the way down, I stopped at every flight and did shoulder rows, Arnold presses, squats, deadlifts, and shoulder flys.  It was great... until half way down when my knee began hurting again!  It had been the first time in weeks, so I took it as a sign to stop while I was at it.  
It was a beautiful view on our workout and I cannot wait to do it again.  I just hope that I can figure out what is going on with this knee so I can continue my active lifestyle! 

My friend Whitney and I beefing it up!

Zach keeps busy with his body building.  Here he is showing Eli all the belly buttons in mommy's fitness magazine!

The boys ran to the stairs with Daddy.