Sunday, February 3, 2013

Elijah 365- part 20

Another week of Eli's first year has passed.  And boy do these days go fast!  Eli is growing like crazy, as we learned at his 4 month checkup this week.  
Eli is bigger then his brother was, but still a bit smaller then I'd like.  He is in the 48% for weight and the 38% for height.  The doctor is not too concerned, as he's very proportional, and seeing as how small Mommy is, she was not too surprised.  I am continuing to nurse him (big props from the doctor on that one) and will not be introducing solid foods to him until he is at least 6 months old.  Eli got a perfect bill of health, and the doctor even mentioned that he's crossing milestones rather quickly for his age.  He is already rolling over both ways, and can even hold toys in his hands now.  She was very impressed with his upper body strength, and mentioned that hey may be sitting up earlier the normal.  Looking at his chubby frame, I'm confused on that one!  He got shots at this appointment, and of course cried afterwards.  He was great after Mommy held him though.  And I was happy to see that he didn't develop any fever or any other symptoms associated with them.  
We've kept busy around the house, and continue to get out for walks to the park as much as possible.  Eli loves observing his surroundings and of course his big brother, Zach.  When we're on walks, he's constantly looking around at his surroundings outside of the stroller.  At home, Zach is keeping him busy by giving lots of kisses!  I hope these kisses continue as time goes on!
Day 142- Jan 28.  15 pounds, 9 oz at his 4 month checkup!

Day 143- Jan 29.  He's "Wild About Mommy"

Day 144- Jan 30.  Getting hugs from his big brother.  I didn't even ask him to do this.  Zach just walked up and kissed him and gave this hug to him. 

Day 145- Jan 31.  Ready for a walk to the park!

Day 146- Feb 1.  Getting kisses from big brother in the morning!

Day 147- Feb 2.  Playing with his keys!

Day 148- Feb 3. Tubby Time with Mommy!