Sunday, January 27, 2013

Elijah 365- part 19

We have been crazy busy these days.  I hardly have time for anything for myself.  Eli is keeping me busier due to his nap schedule, and Zach... well he's a toddler.  I cannot say I have much to update you all on this week.  The only bit of news in Eli's life is that he's beginning to become very interested in his surroundings.  He's very interested in his toys lately, which is a great break for Mommy! 
Day 135- Jan 21.  looking handsome on our trip to White Beach

Day 136- Jan 22.  Looking pathetic in the cabin while Mommy and Zach played outside

Day 137- Jan 23. Finally got around to snapping Eli's 4 month photo

Day 138- Jan 24.  Playing with his links. He loves them!

Day 139- Jan 25.  Watching while big brother opened presents

Day 140- Jan 26- Playing with toys again

Day 141- Jan 27.  Posing with the Elephant after brother fed him!