Friday, December 30, 2011

Oki world

Living in Okinawa, I rarely take the chance to visit the "touristy" locations.  We spend our "free" time working out, or going for walks to the beach most days.  In the summertime we spend it at the beach.  But when family come to visit, we tend to head to head to the little visited places of Okinawa.  Today was one of those days in which we acted as a tourist too and visited Okinawa World.
Though this place is a bit cheesy, and is def. a tourist trap in which they want you to buy something, we did enjoy our trip.  We started out by attending a habu show where we got to watch a woman interact with a few snakes, including a habu.
The Habu going after the balloon.  
This would never be legal in the US!
Zach and Dima watching the show!

After the show we walked around a bit and checked the habu museum out.  Pretty neat, but scary considering these deadly things live in our backyard!
I really want this mask to hang on my wall!
Zach being attacked by a killer habu!

Sleepy snakes

Not quite sure what the turtles have to do with a habu museum...

After the habu show, it was time to eat lunch.  We had awhile to kill before seeing a show (which we never made it to until later).  We found a neat buffet upstairs which was perfect.  Sasha and Katya got to try lots of Okinawian dishes, and we all got to relax.  And the best part?  they had a kids play area for Zach to play in!  He discovered the ball pit here, and I discovered that I need to buy him one very soon!
Such a happy boy!

After our bellies were full, we headed over to my favorite part of this place, the cave.  I've been to bigger caves, but it is always pretty cool to visit another!  It's a 30 minute walk, but it took us more like 45-60 minutes.  Enough time for Zach to fall asleep and wake back up!

Dima and Zach, right after Zach woke up

Pretty pool

more stalactites 

The cave ends in the plethora of gift shops that Okinawa World has to offer.  This is what I mean when I say that this place is a definite tourist trap!  We had to rush through them all in order to get to the show (which we finally made it to) but returned later.  
Shishas at the pottery store

pretty dragon at the glass store

This girl was making an ash tray.... can you tell they smoke a lot here?

Had to take a photo of some oki fashion!

Z and Dada watching the show

Some eisa dancers practicing

I'm getting the look of death here!  


I thought this was beautiful.  I wish it were for sale!

beautiful flower

mama and Zach walking to dada

After a very exhausting day, we ventured back at around 6pm.  Zach was exhausted because it was far past his bed time by the time we got home, but all in all, he had a great time.