Thursday, December 22, 2011

3rd annual stepanoff cookie decorating party

When I was a kid, I remember decorating cookies every christmas.  It didn't even start out as a tradition, but it slowly became one.  Because my dad's birthday was christmas eve, we often decorated that evening so we'd have something to leave for Santa.  Now, we have made it part of our Stepanoff family tradition.  Instead of handing individual gifts to all my neighbors/friends, we invite them all over to make their cookies for Santa! So I baked cookies for 2 days.  I must have baked about 100+ cookies in total!  We had both gingerbread and sugar cookies out along with sprinkles, candies, and multiple colors of icing.  all we needed were friends!  We had a great time this year!
the "big kids" decorating their cookies

some of my cookies

joe's cookies.  the okinawa map looks more like italy here...

angie and natalie's cookies.  look at the N!

Angie and Natalie hard at work

louise decorating

Suzy decorating

while we all decorated, the kids all took all of zach's toys out and put them on the couch.  this is proof that my son is spoiled rotten.  and santa hasn't even come yet!

Zach playing with some of the toys he hasn't seen in awhile!

The girls

Courtney playing with Zach

Joe eating icing

Joe eating more icing.  Mr. Grinch mouth

Merry Christmas!