Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How much is that baby in the window? The one with the bald head...

When my dear friend, Ann Marie first moved into her house, I remember watching her kids pressed up against the glass of their front door.  I always smiled and waved to the kids, but got a kick out of the whole thing.  I still wonder what was so fascinating about that window and what was going through the minds of her children.
Zach has recently discovered the front window.  He crawls over there and him and the dog stare outside.  (Unfortunately it's been very rainy lately, so we haven't been able to play out there.)  In his most recent exploration, he gave me a progression of photos to show off.
Step 1- press your face against the glass

Step 2- realize the dog is there too.  Pet him.

Step 3- hug your doggy!  

Seriously does it get cuter then a boy with his dog?  Please excuse the purple diaper, we are still using Nola's while we stock up on our own cloth diaper stash!

A few days later, I went outside to take more photos of my boy pressed against the glass.  I must have amazing timing, because just as his face was moving against the glass- I got this amazing shot!

My star trek alien child!