Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

As you may well know, Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year.  The smell of the holiday, the peppermint treats, the shopping, the decorations, and yes, i'll admit- the presents too.  Though I hated most things associated with New England, I did love this time of year in Connecticut.  By now, we surely had already had at least one snowfall, or one was already headed our direction.  The option of hopping a train and going to see the beautiful tree in rockafeller center was just in my grasp.  The beautiful christmas trees at Jones tree farm.  Heck, even the poorly lit tree in the town square (where we once waited 2 hours to watch it get lit in 7 degree weather!).  I loved everything associated with this holiday.  It was the one time of year I could honestly said I was happy to live where I did.
Here in Okinawa, things are different.  It still baffles my mind that I haven't seen snow in 2 years now!  We can't just go chop down a tree at the farm with a warm hot chocolate in hand.  We don't even get to wear winter coats, mittens, or hats this time of year!  Just the other day it was 81 degrees out!  What a different world my life has become.

Last year, over 30 weeks pregnant, I arrived to get my christmas tree a half hour before they came.  This year, I knew better.  I was told the trees would arrive at 8am, so i left the house at 7:45 and got there around 8ish.  I couldnt believe the line!  There were people in lawn chairs in front of me.  I couldn't figure out why they had them out when they were just opening in a few minutes.  I was wrong.  They didn't open until 9am!  So there we were, 2 wives (Both of our husbands are away for a few weeks), and 4 kids sitting in front of the PX waiting for christmas trees!  The things we do for this holiday!  We stuck it out.  Waiting the full hour.  Good thing we did, as they didn't get nearly as many trees as last year!  

Waiting in line!

Not letting go of this one!
The kids and I about to go pay for our trees!
Hauling it up to the register!

I ended up getting a 6-7 foot tree and am very happy with my purchase.  I can't wait for Dima to see it!  I am very proud to say that I put it up myself.  I had some help from a friend in straightening it and putting it in the tree stand.  But i'm proud to say that I did the lights, ornaments, and star by myself!  I think i did a great job!

My tree.  I will have to take a better photo later.  i'm not good at taking photos in low lighting yet.
Zach's first chrismtas ornament.  Can you believe it's almost been a year?!
I live in Japan.  Have to have the cranes!
I've gotten a bunch of comments on this one.  Sorry the photo isn't great.  It's for last year, as I was 34 weeks pregnant for christmas last year!
Our wedding ornament.  We have 2, since we had 2 weddings.  This one is my favorite.  
Our star.  Last year we had a really ugly star.  This year i found this perfect one.  I stuck lights into it to make it look better and i added these cute decorative branches to fill in gaps in my tree.  Beautiful!  Thanks Navy fleet gift shop!

As always, we decorated outside.  I stuck with the simple white lights because i think it's so classy.  My neighbors, Tim and Angie did the same.  Their daughter begged for one of these blow up things.  It's so cute.  Zach is amazed at the glowing balls inside it!
 My favorite christmas photo so far....
Does it get any cuter then that?!  

Happy Holidays!