Wednesday, December 28, 2011

American Village and the seawall

Last year Okinawa prepared for the very first visit from my brother in law, Sasha.  It was an exciting experience, and Okinawa was ready for another go this year.  This time, Sasha brought his wonderful fiancee, Katya.  We were very excited about this trip, as Sasha is Zach's godfather and Zach was dying to spend lots of time with him.
They started their trip out by visiting Tokyo and Kyoto and then flying here so we figured day 1 would be a low key day so they could catch up on some Z's.  We eventually ventured out to American Village for some sushi go round.  I love having family here so i have an excise to have sushi!
Sushi go round
 choices, choices
you can bet we were full!

After sushi go round, we walked around a bit in American Village.  We don't really make it out to American village too often I suppose, so it was nice to walk around a bit.
Funny sign.  Gotta love Japanese translations
 habu sake!


love my little tropical island!

The ferris wheel was broken

My boy and I at partyland (previously yogurtland)

After awhile we went down to the seawall to hang out for a bit.  It is so beautiful there.  I sometimes wish I lived down there so I could go for a run every morning!
the hubby and the boy

Sleepy boy!

Sasha and Katya had a lot of fun

Wait, we're in Okinawa right?!

We ended the day by coming back home and relaxing a bit. I told Katya about our beautiful sunsets here on the hill.  She was excited to see one.  So we started setting up to take some photos, but unfortunately didn't have a great sunset to photograph.
Zach in the sunlight as we set up
Zach's uncle Sasha

Our lester heights view.  Pretty, but we usually see better!