Monday, December 26, 2011

Baby's first christmas

Every parent looks forward to their child's first christmas.  There's something about the magic behind Christmas that brings out the kid in everyone.  The gifts, the songs, the cookies, and spending time with your family are all things people look most forward to every year.  For me, my biggest joy was watching my first child enjoy what is by far my favorite holiday of the year.
This morning started great, because my amazing hubby let me sleep in until 8am! I woke very surprised to look at the clock, and then realized that Dima had already taken the baby downstairs to begin his breakfast.  I walked down the stairs to find a beautiful scene, my son eating breakfast in front of a tree with tons of presents.
Eating elf donuts for breakfast

Santa came!

What was left of santa's cookies

I think it's safe to say that Zach is spoiled

look at all those gifts!  about 80% belong to a bald little boy

someone must have been good

This year, Neko got first gift, since the poor dog didn't get very much this year.
Chomping down on his new treat/bone.  
And then Zach started us off with his stocking
hmm... what's in here?

Santa brought me socks?  What a jip!
Dima got his favorite game-Madden!
Zach was more interested in this bow then anything
Alright, fine, i'll open the present
Neko opening a gift
Zach got a car garage toy
Neko's new treats
Zach's new lightning mcqueen pajamas from his favorite auntie
Dima got a "new dad" picture frame for his desk at work from his parents.  What a sweet and thoughtful gift!
Neko finding another one of his gifts
being teased by dad
mommy's turn to open a gift

finaly got Understanding Exposure!
Another pair of santa pajamas for Zach.  These are slightly different, and adorable!
Dima got Kinect for xbox.  Just Dance 3- here we come!
new kitchen towels from my grandma
Thank you to my dad for getting Zach the world's most annoying gift for my son.  This toy vibrates, rumbles, and is extremely loud.  No off or volume button.  Thanks Dad. :)
My new 49ers tshirt

Dima's new Giants sweatshirt

Mamarazzi!  Now I have an excuse to keep taking photos long after 365 ends!
playing Zach's new piano

Zach's big gift!

What could it be?

A new stroller!  Thanks mom and dad!

Playing with his fridge farm while mom and dad ate breakfast
Daddy and Neko are best friends

Zach wishing the family was with us

We spent the rest of our day cleaning the house and preparing to have some friends over for a Christmas feast.  Zach got one more gift from Uncle Steve and Aunt Weasy- a new walker!
Zach tearing the tissue paper up and eating it.

We then put Zach to bed and had our glorious Okinawa family over for a feast!

We made a ham, molassas brussels sprouts, and a salad while our friends Alicia and Jon made a dip, a ravioli/green bean/almond casserole, and cherry pie.  Louise contributed  beef wellington, sweet potato casserole, and a beautiful and yummy eggnog pudding pie

This pudding pie was amazing.  I have no words for it's wonder.  Poor Alicia's cherry pie wasn't even touched because of this beauty (though i'm sure it was just as good).  
We ended the evening with a game night.  We have had great fun in the past playing catch phrase and had a wonderful time again this evening.  
Bring on the game!  

I had a great Christmas.  I am sad to say that this will most likely be the last one with our good friends the Coats.  It may well be the last christmas in Okinawa as well.  Our Okinawa family has helped make this holiday a real special one for us and we will remember it for years to come.