Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nature Scavenger Hunt

One thing I was excited about when moving to Virginia was the amount of outdoor nature activities we could now do.  The weather in Oki was always too hot in the summer to do much, and the weather was always so unpredictable.  We love the amount of outdoor activities that Virginia offers us.  

Today we headed out to a local hiking spot with the dog and boys.  We had no plans but to walk, enjoy the beauty, and have a little nature hunt.  I love that Z Step is old enough for these things now!  He had so much fun showing me all the things on this list!  Here are a few of our finds

A spider web

A Green leaf.  He knew exactly what color this was!
A Fern

A Rock!

A brown leaf


Tree Bark
Z Step repeated everything I showed him and he pointed most of it all out after looking at the photos.  Unfortunately we could not find a butterfly or a bird (it ended up pouring the moment we left which explained that) but found everything else.  Can't wait to do this again!  

A boy and his dog!

Daddy Step was very excited to sport this new backpack!

Best buds

Love that little minion!

Helping him across a log!