Saturday, August 10, 2013


As a kid, our summers were jam packed with fun.  We played in the pool, went to amusement parks, and did all kinds of fun things.  But what about those rainy days?  They were usually spent either in the home lounging around, or out at the movies.  We would usually bring food with us and do a "double feature" (or even a quadruple feature once!) where we would sneak into another theatre.  
Today was a rainy saturday.  The morning had started out great, but quickly took a turn to being a rainy day.  We were stumped on finding something fun to do.  I quickly glanced over at our "Sixty Steps to Summer Fun" board hanging in our kitchen and knew just what we could do- go on a mother son date to the movies!  
Z Step had never been to the movies, I was trying to put it off as long as I could to ensure it would be a good trip.  I didn't want to have to spend the money on a movie (wow matinees are 9 dollars now?!) and have to leave early because of a fussy toddler.  
I figured 2 1/2 was a long shot, considering Z Step doesn't really watch too much tv at home.  The only movie he had ever sat through was "Despicable Me" and I think it was because he liked the minions.  Well guess what movie came out this summer?  "Despicable Me 2."  I had purposely waited a few weeks after it came out, to ensure the theatre wouldn't be packed.  
So we loaded up my purse with snacks galore and headed to the movies on a date.  My date dressed for the occasion- in a minion shirt and even held my hand most of the date.  Unfortunately, he didn't pay for my ticket, which I was a bit offended by, but hey he looked great and I couldn't complain.  We got popcorn because I knew it would be a good distraction and went into the theatre.  

I quickly realized Z Step was too young for the seats when he tried to sit in them and they didn't stay down.  Whoops.  But eventually we got the seating right and he quickly went to munching popcorn.  The movie started and he was quickly distracted by the minions and Gru.  He was great and the popcorn proved to be a great distraction.  He ate through all the popcorn and all of the snacks in my purse and got a bit bored at the end.  He sat on my lap through some of it, but when he got in the seat next to me he fell through and got stuck in the seat.  I had to take his shoes off and pull his legs out.  Next time I will get a booster.  
All in all, it was a great date.  A great movie too.  We sure do love those minions!