Sunday, August 25, 2013

Elijah 365- Part 49

Is there really only 3 weeks left of our second 365 journey?  The past month has really flown by!  Having a 1 year old will truly be bittersweet.  While I am sad to see my young baby become a toddler, I am very excited for the landmark we are about to cross.  I will be slowly weaning E Step very soon, something I am very excited about.
This week started out with Daddy Step's birthday and and included a visit from some old friends.  The weekend brought hiking, farmer's markets, and a car wash outside.  It was a great week that seemed to fly by.  E Step has enjoyed all the fun and adventure.

Day 346- Aug 19.  Out for Daddy's birthday at hibachi
Day 347- Aug 20.  Ready for some breakfast Mom!

Day 348- Aug 21.  So close to walking!
Day 349- Aug 22.  Ready to go up for bed!

Day 350- Aug 23.  Just a little something on your face there E Step
Day 351- Aug 24.  Hiking with the family.  E Step gets the best seat in the house!

Day 352- Aug 25.  Playing outside in the sprinkler while having a car wash.