Sunday, August 4, 2013

Elijah 365- part 46

This week we have kept it simple around here.  Mornings have been spent at the gym and the library for story time.  E Step is keeping me busy always wanting to be held, and I'm beginning to get anxious about him walking soon.  He has been quite the piggy, and doesn't seem to stop at this point.  My grocery bills are going to skyrocket.  Boys.  In good news though- E Step has begun saying "Mama!"  
Day 325- July 29.  Piggy at breakfast

Day 326- July 30.  Ready for a tubby!

Day 327- July 31.  He loves throwing his arms up while being fed.  

Day 328- August 1.  My view most days.  

Day 329- Aug 2.  Ready for breakfast again.  Seriously he does not stop eating.  

Day 330- Aug 3.  Best part of going to Costco is the boxes.  

Day 331- Aug 4.  At mini golf with the family