Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

This is a very late post, but better late then never!  Our Easter this year was a bit last minute, as we realized last minute that we will actually be arriving in the states on Easter this year.  So instead we hussled to have a small Easter celebration at home.  Nothing too crazy, but just a little something for Z man to be entertained by.  Here are some photos from our last minute holiday.  It was small but fun!

Egg hunt with Daddy's unit

This was the sweetest Great Dane

Some guys were playing LARP.  This was one guy's helmet! 

LARP guys (Live Action Role Playing)

Little bunny boy

He was so happy in this bouncy house

Bunny boy again

He had just learned to sit up!

I was snapping photos outside and Z was having a tantrum.  He wanted milk.  Yes he's also holding milk

Some Easter photos

Easter morning.  The easter bunny left some jelly bean eggs out for Z

Zach's easter basket.  No he didn't eat the candy

About to dye eggs!
The dye is all set

The boy's friend Hazel Mae nawing on some eggs

Just hanging out with my Gnome.  Mommy hates gnomes!