Sunday, March 17, 2013

Elijah 365- part 26

As you may or may not know, things have been quite busy here.  On top of caring for two young boys, we have just learned that we are moving in a few weeks to Virginia.  Getting ready for an overseas move is stressful enough, but adding the boys into the equation doesn't make things easier.  Don't worry though, I have continued taking photos of my favorite second born son. 
Now that Eli is eating solids, he is a very happy boy.  He is really enjoying trying different things.  So far this week he's had bananas and avocados but we will be trying a few new things next week!  We look forward to expanding his palate just a bit each week! Breastmilk is still his primary source of nutrition, but he is eating about 2x a day now.  I will increase his feedings in a few months.  Of course a time change will not help!  Anyway, here are some current photos! 
Day 184- March 11.  At his 6 month checkup.  Weighing in at 16 lbs, 13 oz.  Perfectly healthy boy!

Day 185- March 12.  Playing around outside

Day 186- March 13.  Tubby time with big brother!  He loves watching him!  Zach was driving a car on Eli's head

Day 187- March 14.  Hi Mom!

Day 188- March 15.  Bedtime with Daddy!  Daddy picked out this sleeper for Zach and now it's Eli's turn

Day 189- March 16.  Getting ready for bed

Day 190- March 17.  Look who's sitting up!!!  I don't know if i'm 100% comfortable with leaving him alone sitting, but he's getting there fast!