Sunday, March 31, 2013

Elijah 365- Part 28

The boys have been amazing lately.  Now that Eli is sitting up, it's like a whole new world is open to him.  He is so happy.  He will sit down and play with toys for awhile now and rarely falls over.  
This week was easter.  We celebrate Dima's easter, which is on May 5th this year.  Unfortunately, we realized last minute that is the day we will be moving, so we will be who knows where then.  So very last minute we ran out to get some things to celebrate this holiday early.  Eli is a bit young to understand the holiday so he just sat around.  But don't worry- we got some adorable photos of him!  Thanks to Grandma for the adorable outfit!
Every day is something new with this boy.  He is such a happy boy and is constantly smiling!  
Day 198- March 25.  Sitting around with big brother

Day 199- March 26.  Playing in his exersaucer!

Day 200- March 27.  Yum!  Sophie the Giraffe taste yummy!

Day 201- March 28.  Morning my little truck boy!

Day 202- March 29.  Loves watching big brother splash in the tubby!

Day 203- March 30.  My adorable little easter bunny boy.  Love that smiley face!

Day 204- March 31.  Helping Big brother with his eggs during an Easter egg hunt!